With the brush, punk music and pilsner beer paint Ludek things he have on the easel. From pop art styled posters to apocaliptic visions - art means the absolute freedom for him. With the motto "I paint when I want, with I want and what I want" he create live, provoking and actual artworks.

Ludek Pesek Pachl in TATTOO SPIRIT - Life und Bodyart Magazin, Mai 2005
Private-Portraits the so-called personalities are often the salt in our spirit-magazine-soup. Authentic stories of a lifetime are born onto paper here. Not more and no less.

One of those stories is about Ludek Pesek (34y.o.). Native born and grown up in Czechoslovakia, he lives in Berlin now as a painter, where his art-objects stimulate the visitors of his exhibitions to perceive the world through Ludeks eyes. And he has got tattoos, which are definetly unique and the only.
Ludek Pesek does surround himself with art. He is a painter; he wears art on his skin and the choice of his tattoo motifs were strongly influenced by a great artist! (read more few lines below).

His own art, the paintings and collages, are composed of vigorous colours, patterns and even structures. They directly lead you to a certain theme, there are no misunderstandings: "I do want to provoke a little with my arts! I want folks to have a click in their brain while looking at my paintings." And it is true. Not with the very first look, you realize the background of his paintings. You have to make an effort, to want to understand to the paintings.

Normally, he uses present themes and problems in society as his initial point and project them into his work. Usually, he transforms it into¨ Poster-Pop-Art and apocalyptic visions. Art means absolute freedom to Ludek: I paint, when I want, with what I want and what I want!

The tattoo artist Mattes from the Berlin studio Tattoo Paradise needled Ludek´s skin. The large tattoo on his back was inspired by the work of the Czech artist
Josef Lada (1887-1958). His simple ingenious flat looking paintings have expressively black contours and colours fill in the areas, without modelling the outlines.

E.g. Lada illustrated The good soldier Schwejk and Tomcat Mikesch, what made him to a kind of Andy Warhol in the Czech Republic. The idea of the Pub-Brawl-Motif was wandering through Pesek´s mind for many years until he found Mattes, to whom he had enough confidence to be capable of realizing such a tattoo.
Mattes and Ludek´s relationship was never an ordinary one, where you get your tattoo, pay and leave. They liked each other. At the end Ludek produced a painting for Mattes and they exchanged art for art. The path, Ludek has covered up to now was surely not free of stones. Long stays in Italy and lots of work on very different projects never drew him away from the roots of his homeland. After all, he came to Berlin in 1998, where he still lives.

Judging from his paintings, he seems to find the energy and inspiration there, for the creation of new artwork. On his homepage you can find a collection of pictures of many of his paintings and collages. Most of them can be purchased. Ludek Pesek´s paintings are not for the "Fastfood-Art-Consumer". They demand for a thoughtful attention. You can visit his recent exhibition "48 Stunden Neukölln" (48 hours Neukölln Neukölln district in Berlin) till the 12.06.2005! In case you can´t, go visit his homepage to get an impression about his work:

(photo Robert Sedmik)


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